“I'm capable of anything; my imagination can give me wings”.

--- Nas

This favorite quote of artist Eric “Emagn-1” Nodora goes cleverly with his signature character/logo - a classic style light bulb with wings floating across the city skyline. Below he engagingly scribes the words “Hella Fly” and “Sky High”.

A talented visual and multi-media artist born on the islands of the Philippines, Nodora moved to Sacramento, California when he was seven years old. He became influenced by Saturday morning cartoons and skateboard graphics. As every little kid growing and alive with imagination, Nodora picked up a pencil and pad. Since then he has never stopped drawing.

Nodora’s hunger to create evolved. From sketches, to inks, to paintings, to graffiti art and spray cans. In the early 90’s, the Pieces that he is, Nodora utilized his skills to paint publicly. “Emagn1” was spawned all over cities and walls to which he traveled.

Nodora became an influential artist in Sacramento. He worked as an active community arts organizer, youth arts teacher, muralist, and graphic designer. Nodora started a T-Shirt line called “Arkiteknik”, short for the “art of technique”, where his street art and computer graphic designs met. This led him to design graphics for a local magazine called the “LEGEND”. His canvas and other creative works have shown in various media, art shows, galleries, and ongoing public spaces.

Currently, Nodora’s versatile style keeps him busy working on paintings on canvas, on the wall, and as computer graphics and designs. A true artist, he continues to cultivate his ever growing passion. His love for painting especially, has led him to study drawing and fine arts at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, California. With two educations, one from the streets and one from the university at an academic level, Nodora has a uniquely strong background that continues to further his creative style file.

“Let your imagination soar.”

--- Emagn-1

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Emagn 1 Nation Station!!!